Finding Roger McLachlan …

I very nearly didn’t know about Roger at all in terms of him fitting my criteria for Kiwi musicians in Australia. But a friend who is a major Stars’ fan listens to the banter between songs and heard at a recent Stars’ gig that Roger was a Kiwi.

He first came to Oz to tour with Godspell in 1974. He hails from Southland in NZ & had been in the band for the final few shows of Godspell in NZ, so he already knew the music. He toured NSW, Victoria and WA with the show for six months. In 1975, he was the original bass player for Little River Band and remained with them until 1976 when he joined Stars.



One of the bands he currently plays with in Melbourne is JMZ which includes Neale Johns, Anthony & Chris Ziros. They played at the Mordy HQ yesterday, Sunday April 1. JMZ (which I really think should be JMZZ) recently played at Musicland & Roger will appear with Stars on April 13 at the Thornbury Theatre in Melbourne’s inner north before Stars venture further north for more gigs.


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